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We advise and accompany. We promote and connect. We are the business agency of the province of Lower Austria. We are there for you.

About us

Wirtschaftszentrum Niederösterreich (c) Kammeter
ecoplus office in the IZ NÖ-Süd (c) Kargl
Aerial view of the Wirtschaftszentrum Niederösterreich (c) Land Niederösterreich

ecoplus – the partner for Lower Austria's economy.

For over 50 years, ecoplus has united commerce and politics, education and research, business and administration, investors and initiators of regional and international projects.

We offer tailored services, information and support to companies, project backers and partners in areas such as: 
  • Establishment or expansion of companies
  • Provision of attractive company locations
  • Facilitation of access to educational and R&D facilities
  • Intercompany cooperation and networks
  • Initiatives involving new market activities

ecoplus services:

ecoplus Folder

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