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About the e-mobility initiative of Lower Austria

The e-mobility initiative of Lower Austria is both first and central point of contact as well as the know-how hub for all matters involving e-mobility in Lower Austria.

At the e-mobility initiative of Lower Austria, we are here to inform and mobilize innovative companies, entire regions and municipalities, but also all Lower Austrian citizens interested in the topic of electric mobility. We initiate regional and communal pilot projects as well as projects of Lower Austrian companies aiming at the development, manufacturing and marketing of electric mobility-related products and services. We supported the development and carry on the implementation of the regional e-mobility strategy.

The provincial e-mobility initiative of Lower Austria is backed by the Lower Austrian department for economy and the department for environment, assisted by the department for transport. The business agency of Lower Austria, ecoplus, has been entrusted with the implementation of the initiative.

Mission Statement

E-mobility in Lower Austria contributes towards reducing greenhouse gas emission and consumption of fossil energy, initiates new mobility behaviour and fosters the regional economy.