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Technopol Tulln

Laboratory in Tulln (c) Thule Jug
Laboratory of Biopure in Tulln (c) Thule Jug
Arial picture of the Technopol Tulln (c) Thule Jug


International Center for Natural Resources & Biobased Technology

Technology focus: sustainable use of biological resources, wood and natural fibre technology, food and feed integrity bioactive substances, environmental biotechnology

Technopol Tulln is where internationally-renowned, cutting-edge research is being carried out by top scientists active in the fields of environmental biotechnology, crop breeding, natural resources management, and others.

Synergistic effects are encouraged by the proximity of high-tech companies and university-affiliated research organizations such as the Department of Agrobiotechnology, IFA-Tulln, which has been located at the Technopol since 1994; the newly-founded UFT - University and Research Center Tulln, which is affiliated with the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology; and the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, Vienna, known as the "BOKU" in German.

Ample customized office and lab space is made available to spin-offs and start-ups by the TFZ Technology and Research Center Tulln. The Techno-Park Tulln GmbH can also offer ample area as well as developed lots for future tenants. Close cooperation with the beautiful city of Tulln, known as the "Garden City," means that there is sufficient space to accommodate your company's needs.

Highly-qualified graduates of the Biotechnical Processes degree program at the University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt - Campus Tulln (which has been located here since 2002) means an ample pool of talented staff is available for companies and R&D institutes located at the Technopol.

In the past five years alone, the number of people employed at the Technopol has more than doubled, with around 600 currently working here. This is clear testimony to the appeal of Technopol Tulln as a location for business, research and education.

Technopols are centers of technology and business which are purposefully established in direct proximity to recognized educational and research facilities. The Lower Austria Technopol Program is pioneering in the on-site bundling of education, research and business at its available business locations, where research of international caliber is carried out and new economic momentum originates.

On-site Technopol managers support and connect when it comes to training and continuing education, research & development, and high-tech industries. They are the first point of contact for inquiries and assistance.

more on natural resources and biobased technology at Technopol Tulln

Education: more information on institutes of higher education in Tulln, including the University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt - Campus Tulln and the Tulln Agricultural Technical College

Business: overview of companies and tenants at the TFZ Tulln and companies located at Technopol Tulln

Fact Box Tulln - as of 06/2015

High-tech jobs in tech fields
- of these, number in research
High-tech firms on site
Students (U of Applied Sciences)
Specializations in bachelor's and master's degree programs
             je 4
University departments in tech fields
Research Centers
 -  U of Applied Sciences Tulln
 -  AIT Austrian Institute of Technology
 -  Christian Doppler Laboratory
 -  K-Centers


Infrastructure (buildings - Technology and Research Center)
 -  available area in m²
 -  Number of expansion phases

Location profile Technopol Tulln


sites/default/files/iz-plan_1.jpg Campus Technopol Tulln map (pdf)
sites/default/files/pkw2.jpg How to get to the TFZ Tulln by car:
TFZ Tulln map (pdf)


When using public transportation - map (pdf):
VOR (Eastern Region Transportation Network): VOR timetable
ÖBB: www.oebb.at; only approx. 15 min. on foot from Tulln train station
City bus line 404 (pdf)


For further information, or to make an appointment, please contact us at: sites/default/files/aussenaufnahme-tfz-tulln-c-tschank_1.jpg

Technologie- und Forschungszentrum Tulln
Technopark 1
3430 Tulln, Austria


  Angelika Weiler
Technopol Manager Tulln
  Tel.: +43 2272 61375 -10



  Karin Sommer, BA
  Assistant Technopol Tulln
  Tel.: +43 2272 61375-10


  DI (FH) Michaela Röttig
  Project Manager Technopol Tulln
  Tel.:+43 2272 61375-10


   Karin Harmer
   Project Manager TFZ Tulln GmbH
   Tel.: +43 2272 61375-30





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