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Technopol Wiener Neustadt

Arial picture Technopol Wiener Neustadt (c) Thule Jug
CEST Comet K1 center (c) Digruber
Fotec in the TFZ Wiener Neustadt (c) Digruber


International Center for Medical and Materials Technology

Technology focus: materials, tribology, medical technology, sensors and actuators, surfaces

One cornerstone of the Technopol Wiener Neustadt is the TFZ - Technology and Research Center Wiener Neustadt, offering 17,500 m² (188,368 sq. feet) of customized office and laboratory space and housing four COMET competence centers, the University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt, and diverse high-tech firms and research operations.

The site will soon be enhanced by the presence of the MedAustron, one of Europe's most modern ion beam therapy centers for the treatment of cancer, which is currently under construction.

High-tech competence at this Technopol ranges from functional surfaces to medical technology applications, from so-called smart materials to optimization of processes involving friction, wear and lubrication.

Available rental space at the TFZ Wiener Neustadt and at the nova city office may be adapted and customized according to tenant requirements. As well, the ecoplus Business Park Wiener Neustadt and the nova city gmbH can each offer up to 450,000 m² (484,376 sq. feet) available space in the form of developed building plots of varying sizes.

On-site Technopol managers support and connect when it comes to training and continuing education, research & development, and high-tech industries. They are the first point of contact for inquiries and assistance.

Entrepreneurs receive assistance on site from the RIZ start-up service, while university graduates may seek assistance at accent, the Lower Austrian start-up service for graduates.

This Technopol is highly cosmopolitan, with around 500 researchers and scientists from 20 different countries. And with approx. 3,300 students from over 50 nations, the University of Applied Sciences is also very global in scope. Graduates have completed their studies in the fields of Business, Engineering, Health Studies, Security or Sport and are ideal recruits for open positions at the Technopol.

Renowned companies located at the Technopol include Diamond Aircraft, ">Schiebel Group and Austro Engine.

Technopols are centers of technology and business which are purposefully established in direct proximity to recognized educational and research facilities. The Lower Austria Technopol Program is pioneering in the on-site bundling of education, research and business at its available business locations, where research of international caliber is carried out and new economic momentum originates.

Research: more on medical and materials technology at Wiener Neustadt

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High-tech jobs in tech fields
 - of these, number in research
approx.  1.200
approx.     500
High-tech firms on site             > 25
Students (University of Applied Sciences)            3.300
Degree programs in tech fields    4 (BSc und MSc)
University od Applied Sciencees institutes in tech fields    3  departments

 -  Competence centers
 -  ZISS – Department Danube-University Krems
 -  AIT Austrian Institut of Technology

 -  Fotec Plastics Technikum
 -  ofi Dep. of Surface Technology & Materials Analysis



Infrastructure (buildings - Technology Center)
 -  Area available for lease in m²
 -  Gross floor area in m²
 -  Number of expansion phases

approx. 17.500
approx. 27.400

International Aspects
 -  Projects with international R&D institutions

 -  Projects with international industrial partners
 -  Scientific projects in cooperation with international partners
 -  Countries of origin, employees 

 -  Countries of origin, students


To date, Technopol management has actively participated in projects with 17 partners from 14 different countries.

Location profile Technopol Wiener Neustadt


sites/default/files/pkw2.jpg How to get to the TFZ Wiener Neustadt by car: map (pdf)

When using public transportation (pdf)
VOR (Eastern Region Transportation Network): timetable
ÖBB: www.oebb.at
WNSKS-Bus: www.wnsks.at - Route G (pdf)


For further information, or to make an appointment,
please contact us at:

Technology and Research Center Wiener Neustadt
Viktor-Kaplan-Straße 2,
2700 Wiener Neustadt, Austria
Tel.: +43 2622 82324-10, Fax: 44




  Rainer Gotsbacher, MSc
  Technopol Manager Wiener Neustadt
  Tel.: +43 2622 82324-30



   Magdalena Urban
   Assistant TFZ Wiener Neustadt GmbH
   Tel.: +43 2622 82324-10



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