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Technopol Wieselburg

TFZ Wieselburg-Land (c) Pavlicek
Sensoric laboratory of the AMU (c) Thule Jug
BLT Wieselburg (c) Thule Jug


International Center for Bioenergy, Agricultural and Food Technology

Technology focus: bioenergy, biomass, energy systems, agricultural and food technology, water resources management 

Lower Austria's Mostviertel is one of Austria's most important agricultural regions and is thus the natural location for Technopol Wieselburg, where focus lies on agricultural sciences, forestry and renewable energy. Thanks to the BIOENERGY 2020+ competence center located here, the TFZ - Technology and Research Center Wieselburg-Land has a leading international research group active in the area of energy efficiency and renewables. 

Built in accordance with cutting-edge ecological principles, the TFZ Wieselburg-Land first opened its doors in fall of 2009. Construction commenced on the first TFZ expansion in summer of 2012, and as of July 2013, the new and expanded TFZ is now able to offer approx. 2,800 m² (30,139 sq.ft) space to its tenants. In addition to flexible configuration of lab and office space, the TFZ offers its tenants customized infrastructure and even an experimentallaboratory. The 280 m² (approx. 3000 sq.ft) rental space still available at the TFZ may be adapted immediately to suit the needs of its new tenant.

The FJ (Education and Research Institute Francisco Josephinum) educates the agricultural engineers of tomorrow in close cooperation with the LMTZ (food technology center) and leading food producers. In contrast, the BLT Wieselburg - the lfz research and testing arm for biomass and agricultural sciences - concentrates on agricultural sciences and machinery.

The Wieselburg Campus of the University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt/AMU Austrian Marketing University offers a master degree program in Marketing and Management with special focus on food and energy efficiency. Companies and research institutes at the Technopol have a pool of highly-qualified graduates to choose from. At present, more than 150 scientists and researchers work at the Technopol.

On-site technology managers support and connect when it comes to training and continuing education, research & development, and high-tech industries. They are the first point of contact for inquiries and assistance.

Technopols are centers of technology and business which are purposefully established in direct proximity to recognized educational and research facilities. The Lower Austria Technopol Program is pioneering in the on-site bundling of education, research and business at its available business locations, where research of international caliber is carried out and new economic momentum originates.

: more on bioenergy, agricultural and food technology research at Wieselburg

Education: more information on institutes of higher education in Wieselburg, including the University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt - Campus Wieselburg/AMU Austrian Marketing University, Zukunftsakademie Mostviertel

Business: well-known companies and research institutes such as BIOENERGY 2020+, Rosenau Feed Research Laboratory, LMTZ, BLT Wieselburg, AMU, BAW - Federal Agency for Water Management, WasserCluster Lunz (WCL) located here are clear examples of the Technopol Wieselburg's scientific and research focus.

Analytic Database Lower Austria



Fact Box Wieselburg
(as of 06/2015)
High-tech jobs in research fields
 - of these, number in research

approx. 216
approx. 160

Students at Francisco Josephinum                800
Students Uiversity of Applied Sciences in Wiener Neustadt - Wieselburg Campus 
approx.  600
Employees Research Centers (total/R&D) 
 - Competence Center Bioenergy 2020+
 - LMTZ Francisco Josephinum
 - BLT Francisco Josephinum
 - AMU Campus
 - BAW
 - Rosenau Feed Research Laboratory
 - WasserCluster Lunz (WCL)

          44 / 36
            8 /   8
          45 / 32
          46 / 30
          22 / 20
            9 /   3
          51 / 38

TFZ - Technology- and Research Center Wieselburg-Land
  - area available for lease in m²/ sq. feet
2.775 m²/ 29.869 sq. feet 

Location profile Technopol Wieselburg



How to get to the TFZ Wieselburg-Land by car: map (German version) (pdf)

just 6 km on the B25 to A1 exit Ybbs 



When using public transportation (pdf):
VOR (Eastern Region Transportation Network): VOR timetable
ÖBB: www.oebb.at; approx. 2 km from Wieselburg train station to the TFZ Wieselburg-Land on foot


For further information, or to make an appointment, sites/default/files/tfz_wieselburg_aussenansichten_c_pavlicek.jpg
please contact us at:

Technology- and Research Center Wieselburg-Land
Gewerbepark Haag 3, 3250 Wieselburg-Land, Austria
Tel.: +43 7416 20502 



  Klaus Nagelhofer, MSc BA
Technopol Manager Wieselburg
  Tel.: +43 664 889 333 82


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