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Cross Dialogue

The Clusterix staff exchange in South Tyrol (I) held in November 2012 targeted cluster managers, cluster collaborators, entrepreneurs, politicians and decision makers who have particular interest in the fields of snow and winter sports technologies, renewable energy and wood technologies. It has been a three days meeting that provided with information as well as best-practice examples for an international audience.

Furthermore, this experience facilitated an exchange of ideas with cluster practitioners, policy makers and entrepreneurs. Interesting was the workshop involving decision makers from the regional government, where the cluster and innovation policy was discussed by an international point of view. TIS innovation park got the chance to welcome 9 partners from 3 different countries for the first Clusterix staff exchange. Partner from Romania, France and Hungary had the possibility to discuss with local stakeholders about cluster financing, discuss with cluster managers about operational matters and visit successful local companies and research institutes. 

The Alpine Technologies area in TIS innovation park comprises four clusters- sports- & winterTECH; Wood & Technology, Construction and Civil Protection and Alpine Saftey. Winter sports technologies is one of the core strengths of South Tyrol and companies from South Tyrol are amongst the market leaders in this sector. Their products, solutions and systems set technological benchmarks.

Full report of CROSS DIALOGUE ON SITE (.pdf)