In Sweden

Holistic Cluster Strategy Development

In a staff exchange hosted by Tillväxtverket 17 – 19 June 2013 three ClusteriX partners (TIS Innovation Park, Cluster 55 and ecoplus) had the opportunity to learn more about the striking collaboration of different players of the triple helix, within and between regional and national level, developing cluster policy in Sweden. While Sweden excels at at collaboration and dialogue between stakeholders at different levels and at strategic collaborations the possibility of strategic cooperation between partners in different countries is utilized to a lesser extent.

The visit began at Tillväxtverkets offices in Stockholm and the participants were welcomed by Karin Hallerby, Head of Division Int. The Swedish Innovation Strategy which was presented by Mr. Christer Christensen, Enterprise Ministry, strives for challenge driven innovation and builds on a broad inter-institutional and inter-regional dialogue. Examples of the tools Tillväxtverket have to support regions and clusters in their work on innovation and renewal was also presented, including regional innovation clusters and work. Good practice examples for evidence based policy can be found in the evaluation methods of Vinnovas VINNVÄXT programme and the SLIM project. In the afternoon, the participants visited Vinnova, with presentations on innovation procurement and ongoing Vinnväxt call.

To facilitate dialogue with stakeholders at the regional level the participants went to Karlstad, where Region Värmland, along with Karlstad University and the region’s priority cluster actors hosted a two-day programme with information, dialogue and exchange of experience – mainly around the region’s distinct cluster approach, the interaction between cluster stakeholders and how the university is actively contributing to the work being done to increase strategic cooperation for innovation and renewal.Main topics presented and discussed in Karlstad were the strategic partnership of the region, the university and the clusters The Paper Province, Stalverkstad and Compare joining efforts to secure qualified employees as well cross-cluster service and product development, e.g. with the help of the Packaging Arena or the Compentence Center for Service Innovation.