In Bucharest

International conference

Clusters and Innovation Policy discussed at the international conference co-organized by ClusteriX in Bucharest, 30th October 2012

Opened by Gelu-Stefan Diaconu, State Secretary of the Romanian Ministry for Economy, Trade and Business Environment, the event brought together representatives of the European Commission – Dimitri Corpakis, Head of Unit Regional Dimension of Innovation in DG Research and Innovation, World Bank – Marina Iooty, economist at the Financial and Private Sector Department and the University of Edinburgh – Alessandro Rossiello, Senior Research Fellow at the School of Social and Political Science, as key note speakers, with national and regional policy makers as well as with a large spectrum of Romanian cluster players and stakeholders.

During the conference "Innovative clusters – key to success in international business and R&D cooperation", a topic of particular attention for the Romanian and European cluster policy experts and stakeholders was handled by Alessandro Rossiello, senior researcher at the Innogen Institute at the University of Edinburgh: namely how clusters are related to the innovation policy under the perspective of smart specialisation strategies.

After an interesting introduction through the history of the idea of "smart specialisation" the clusters as defined by Michael Porter as "an agglomeration of firms/institutions in a particular field, performing related activities (…)" under certain externalities, Mr. Rossiello approached the central issue of the cluster life cycle, questioned if the "particular field" is still valid under the current technological and economic developments, whereas the externalities, earlier much regionally seen, are now blurring, when the sources of knowledge are not necessarily in the region and when the market is not prevalently local.

Full report of the International conference in Bucharest (.pdf)

Presentation Lennart Svensson (.pdf)

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