In Györ

Interregional Project Meeting

The 3rd interregional project meeting, study tour and peergroup meeting of the ClusteriX project took place in Györ, between 20-22 February 2013. Different aspects of the cluster and innovation initiatives of the West Transdanubian Region were presented to the project participants, showing the focal points and adaptation methods used in cluster development.

The study trip and peergroup meetings showcased three main relevant areas: cluster development policies on regional and national level, and initiatives in the wider automotive and tourism industries.
The study trip started on a lighter note, an introduction to the MOBILIS interactive science centre, which focuses exclusively on motion and kinetics. Fitting into an F1 car, pinpointing a gps coordinates on a table, or competing in a several different driving skill tests were followed by a short but rather intensive experimentation session.

After the warming-up the participants visited the Internal Combustion Engines Department Group at the Széchenyi István University. The department group is sponsored by Audi and is a good example of university-enterprise co-operation in both innovation and demand-based education. After a lively discussion several possibilities for international co-operation were drafted for later exploration.

Full report of Interregional Project Meeting in Györ (.pdf)