In Rhone-Alpes

Staff exchange

ERAI and PLASTIPOLIS organized a staff exchange in Rhone-Alpes within the framework of the ClusterIX project. It was the opportunity to present Rhone-Alps’ practices in terms of regional policies of clusters support, smart specialization and innovation.

Some of ClusterIX partners that came from Austria, Denmark, Hungary, Italy and Romania, met on November 7th and 8th, in Lyon and in the ‘Plastics Vallée’. The purpose of this exchange was to develop synergies for future collaborations.

The day in Lyon was an opportunity to interact with regional actors. The morning was dedicated to the presentation of the smart specialization process and the regional clusters policy of the Rhone -Alps Region. Crucial element of the new Cohesion Policy 2014-2020, the smart specialization strategy has recently been finalized in the region. It was an opportunity to talk about the selected specialization areas and the strategy implementation. The Region has also presented its regional clusters policy. Launched in 2004, this policy has been established ahead of the national policy of competitiveness clusters. It was important to share this experience that depends on regions.

In the afternoon, the ARDI (Regional Agency for Development and Innovation in Rhone-Alps) presented its activities and its future directions. Then a roundtable was organized with the participation of PLASTIPOLIS. During this discussion ecoplus, Business Agency of Lower Austria and the project leader, presented its "competences mapping".

As a practical case, the second workday was dedicated to the understanding of the internal dynamics of the PLASTIPOLIS Pole. The partners participated in a workshop dedicated to ‘manufacturing processes and tools within the packaging and consumer goods markets’. Some companies presented their projects. CLUSTERIX’ partners had the opportunity to understand how a cluster boosts collaboration between its members and inform them about new opportunities and trends. Then they met one of the pole members: ‘the Technical Center of Plastics Engineering and Composites, PEP’. It is specialised in thermoplastics injection. It was founded in 1989 by Rhône-Alpes’ industrialists, with the support of the profession and government.