At the Technology Park

TIS Workshop

After a long process of debates and discussions, South Tyrol has decided to invest in the set up of a Technology Park as a driver of economic growth and development of the territory. There are different reasons behind this decision: avoid the "brain drain" by attracting/keeping qualified personnel in the region and create a structured eco-system of innovation, research and development, in order to provide the local economy with human resources, laboratories, skills and ideas for improving competitiveness and development.

In this context, the workshop, organized in the framework of the Interreg project CLUSTERIX, aims to contribute to the debate, discussing the role of Science Technology Parks in modern society and the concrete (and also measurable) impact thay may have on the local economy. Clusters (6 at the moment) will also be included in the future Parco tecnologico of Bolzano and cluster policy will be part of the innovation policy and the regional strategy for economical development.

The debate wanted to contribute in illustrating how Science and Technology Parks can be drivers of growth and economic and social development of a region. The debate focussed on:

  • The role of Science and Technology Parks and their impact on the economy: services, added value as an economic “accelerator” with examples from the world
  • The specific example of Technopol Program – why? (Qualified jobs), what? (+ Infrastructure services, specialization)
  • Monitoring initiatives and impact of the Technology Park as a tool for demonstrating its added value;
  • Benefits for the local economy: creation of highly skilled jobs, increase of investment, improve of competitiveness etc.


  • Luis Sanz, General Director of Internation Association of Science Parks and Areas of Innovation (IASP).
  • Irma Priedl, Official of the Regional Government of the Lower Austria and manager of Technopol Program
  • Roberto Bizzo, Councillor of Innovation of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano