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Your Partner in Business Initiatives

Facts & Figures of the Business Agency of Lower Austria

For nearly 60 years, in our role as the Business Agency of Lower Austria, we have been a reliable partner of people in business as well as investors and initiators of regional and international projects. We act as an essential interface between business, politics, and science. Become a part of this experience!

Together to success

Helmut Miernicki
"From my own experience I can say: when you show your employees genuine respect and appreciation, you are rewarded many times over in the form of loyalty, dedication, commitment and motivation. It’s about creating a constructive work environment in which everyone has the opportunity for development. We take our employees’ ideas for innovation and their suggestions for development seriously. We’re one big team where collaboration and respect are lived out every day."
Helmut Miernicki, ecoplus Chief Executive
Portraitfoto Wirtschaftslandesrat Jochen Danninger
"Just as the demands on the economy are increasing on a daily basis, ecoplus is also expanding rapidly. Providing entrepreneurs with the best possible conditions and optimal support is a challenging task, and doing so requires a great team. This is why I look forward to being a part of the ecoplus success story."
Jochen Danninger, Member of the Provincial Government of Lower Austria, Minister for Economy, Tourism, Technology and Sports

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Our Company History

Follow the milestones of the ecoplus success story from 1962 till today.

Company History (accessible) (.pdf)

  • alte schwarz-weiss Aufnahmen von Bahngleis im IZ NÖ-Süd 1962
    First business settlement in the business park IZ NÖ-Süd
    • Development of the IZ NÖ-Süd as the first business park in Lower Austria
    • Isovolta becomes the first business settlement at the IZ NÖ-Süd 
  • 1972
    Founding the state subsidiary NÖRBS
    • NÖRBS = Lower Austrian Limited Company for Regional Planning, Business Settlement, and Structural Improvements (GmbH)
    • Merging NÖRBS with the IZ NÖ-Süd GmbH to create ecoplus Business Settlement and Development, limited company (GmbH)
  • 1987
    Launching the regional development program
    • Renamed to ecoplus Business Settlement and Regionalization in Lower Austria, limited company (GmbH)
    • Development of additional business parks
  • Ab 2000
    Development of research and technology centers throughout Lower Austria


  • Ab 2001
    Launching of various clusters and one initiative

    2001: Green Building Cluster of Lower Austria
    Plastics-Cluster in Lower Austria
    Food Cluster of Lower Austria
    Mechatronics-Cluster in Lower Austria

  • 2004
    Launch of the Technopol Program

    Technopol program with Technopol offices in Wiener Neustadt, Krems, Tulln und Wieselburg.

  • 2004
    Opening of the first international offices abroad

    ecoplus International launched its international presence in Prague, Bratislava, and Budapest

  • 2008
    Moving headquarters to St. Pölten

    Moved our head offices from the location on “Am Lugeck” in Vienna to the newly constructed passive building Wirtschaftszentrum Niederösterreich in St. Pölten and celebration of a grand opening on February 20, 2008.

  • 2009
    Opening TFZ Wieselburg-Land

    Ceremonial opening of the first construction stage of the Technology- and Research Center Wieselburg-Land, in 2013 the extension of the TFZ took place and since 2014 Wieselburg is also a technopol location.

  • 2016
    The EU honors Lower Austria’s Fiberglass Model

    With the European Broadband Award the European Commission honors outstanding broadband internet projects. Lower Austria was an enormous hit at the awards with its nöGIG project.

  • Verleihung des Europäischen Unternehmensförderpreises in Tallin 2017
    European Enterprise Promotion Award 2017 goes to Lower Austria

    The EEPA (European Enterprise Promotion Award) was presented to ecoplus International in the category "Promotion of the internationalisation of economic activity".

  • Heimische Cluster sind „Gold wert“ 2019
    Local clusters are worth gold

    Both cross-border state clusters for plastics and for mechatronics as well as the two solely Lower Austrian clusters for Green Building and for Food received the European quality seal for “European Cluster Excellence” for the third time in recognition of their excellent cluster management!

  • 2018
    Digitalization & House of Digitalization

    Development of five digital hubs and an inter-institutional and comprehensive Lower Austrian competence and collaboration network as well as the preliminary work on the „Virtual House“ of digitalization