6th March to 7th March 2013, LINZ, Austria

European Mechatronics Network "EuroMec"

This international meeting was devoted to get to know each other, elaborate joint project ideas and establish an "European Mechatronics Network". The main topic of the workshop was dedicated to "Mechatronics for industrial / other applications" as challenge for future technological-developments in various industry fields. Second goal was the identification of common interests and the build up of project consortia for future cooperation projects with special attention to the upcoming 8th Framework Program Horizon 2020.


  • Manfred Ruhmer – Clusterland, Austria
  • Christian Altmann – Clusterland, Austria
  • Andreas Geiblinger – Clusterland, Austria
  • Simone Hagenauer – ecoplus, Austria
  • Florian Plocek – Clusterland, Austria
  • Christoph Brandstätter – CATT
  • Prof. Hubert Gattringer – Johannes Kepler Universität Linz, Austria, Faculty of Mechatronics
  • CEO Ronald Naderer – FerRobotics Compliant Robot Technology GmbH, Austria
  • CEO Gerald Schatz – LCM Linz Center of Mechatronics GmbH, Austria

In the first day, Simone Hagenauer, ecoplus, presented the CLUSTERIX project.

Next steps: There was common understanding that this workshop should be the start for deeper cooperation and exchange between participants in the future. Besides the already fixed next meeting in France in December 2013, there will many other opportunities to organize common activities.