In Lower Austria

Regional reflection activities

Co-operate and Benefit – this was the theme of the 2012 regional reflection activities organized by ecoplus- The Business Agency of Lower Austria, where high-tech companies from the focal fields of materials, surface analysis, tribology, medical technology, mechatronics as well as LED-light technology in the region learned about the project ClusteriX and discussed challenges and benefits of cross-sector innovation.

Two events was arranged; Cooperation-Forum Technopol on Nov. 20th, 2012 and the LED-Round-Table on Dec. 6th, 2012. The focus of both regional reflection activities was put on information and networking which was enriched by setting the mood for the creation of opportunities for collaboration between industry and research, development and service.

The LED working group decided to further work on the demand driven innovation approach as showcased in ClusteriX by Cluster 55º and the Skåne Region and to act as a test bed for the adaption of this concept in Lower Austria.

The Regional Reflection Activities resulted in numerous project ideas, a widened network of participants and the honest expression of demand, of companies and research institutions alike, for a replication of ClusteriX reflection activities as a well appreciated opportunity to think outside the box and to gain food for thought on how to tackle future challenges more successful through cooperation in the region!