"Smarter – Cluster Policies for South East Europe"


Many cluster policies and initiatives exist in SEE area: a prioritization and concentration of the different actions towards creating world class clusters is a strategic challenge to fulfil EU competitiveness objectives. Regional innovation policies in target regions demonstrated lack of efficiency in identifying priorities and forms of collaboration between regions. There is also a need for fact – based cluster policies: comparable data on cluster-specific framework conditions and methods for evaluating effectiveness are lacking.

The ClusterPoliSEE project, funded under the 3rd strategic call for proposal and involving 24 partners of SEE Europe area, answers to the identified needs through the improvement of capacity of regional policy makers to confront, prevent and anticipate change, developing smart specialization strategies for cluster improvement, thus accelerating differentiation and structural change towards a knowledge-based economy in which there is a place for all SEE regions to position themselves.

The 6 cross-sectoral topics addressed are Innovation and R&D driven Cluster Development, eco-innovation, Internationalisation, Financial Framework Conditions, Regional Smart Specialization and Qualification & Skills.

Fore more information please contact:

Simone Hagenauer
Project Manager Clusters
+43 664 848 2654

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