Biodiversity darden of Communication House gugler* in Melk, Pond with little reed hut

Communication House gugler*: a company with a purpose


How can a company succeed in aligning its self-image and all its activities towards sustainability and CO2 neutrality and in this way also ensure its long-term economic perspective?



Company founder Ernst Gugler, who purchased a print shop in Melk together with his wife more than 30 years ago, had the vision from the very beginning to achieve something meaningful with his entrepreneurial activities. He wanted to not only just do no harm, but to do something positive for people, animals and the environment.

First, he began by adapting the printing process itself to make it environmentally friendly. In 2011, these efforts resulted in the core company gugler* DruckSinn being the first printing company in the world to receive a Cradle-to-Cradle certificate. The ingredients of every single product used are disclosed by all the suppliers and ecotoxicologically tested by an independent institute. In cases where the substances did not meet the high requirements of the certificate, they were replaced by alternatives.
Of course, Ernst Gugler did not stop with just the core printing process: In the past few years, he has built two company buildings as green buildings, which are also inspired by the cradle-to-cradle spirit. One of the two buildings is 96% recyclable and the other has walls made of tamped clay, wood and glass with green roofs. A garden was created on the company premises that promotes biological diversity and provides organic vegetables for the vegetarian company kitchen.
The company’s energy supply is provided by its own photovoltaic system and green electricity is purchased for any extra energy needs. Electric cars are made available to sales employees and rental bicycles make it easier for employees to travel to the local public transport. CO2 emissions that could not be avoided are overcompensated for by reforestation projects, so that overall the company is climate positive, i.e. has negative CO2 emissions.

In the past few years, the activities have been expanded beyond the print shop: The gugler* MarkenSinn agency helps clients to identify and promote sustainable thinking and action in their own companies and to place it in the foreground of their corporate image and communications. They specialize in accessible websites and sustainable design in particular. The latest offer is the gugler* SinnBildung academy, which supports companies in raising awareness, developing strategies and developing organizations. Thus, gugler* is able to make their own experiences accessible to others.



Through decades of work and with a consistent approach, a group of companies have emerged that have inscribed an orientation towards sustainability and the common good in their own DNA. All their business activities are geared towards this. Gugler is convinced that only with this orientation can the social relevance and economic basis of a company be ensured.

90 percent of the adhesives in use are made from fossil resources. Many of the components used are easily flammable or release toxic compounds. Is it possible to also make alternatives from renewable resources for users in the wood-working and construction industries? 



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