House of Digitalization
The Lower Austrian ecosystem for digital transformation

House of Digitalization

The "House of Digitalization" is the lighthouse of the Lower Austrian digitalization strategy. It is an important interface for digital transformation and is currently used as an interactive platform with personalized services and an automatic proposal system to network Lower Austrian companies with research and educational institutions, as well as being a meeting point for interested citizens in the field of digitalization.


The interactive platform cordially invites visitors to tour the virtual house.


The House of Digitalization is being co-financed by ...

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The tasks of virtual House of Digitalization are to:

  • Increase the transformation speed of Lower Austrian companies
  • Raise awareness among the population
  • Guidance and demonstration projects on all topics
  • Strengthen and expand interdisciplinary and international research
  • Simplistic access for companies to scientific institutions
  • Offering the right information to evoke interest and eliminate possible fears.

The vision is ...

... to discover new worlds together ...

  • by understanding technology
  • using networks          
  • getting the right competence                  
  • implementing ideas


The development takes place in a three-stage process

In the coming years, this house will evolve from a virtual international competence network house to the physically built House of Digitalization in Tulln by 2022.

Step 1. Hubs & networks

As a first step, so called digital hubs were developed (St. Pölten, Krems, Wieselburg, Klosterneuburg, Tulln and Wiener Neustadt), these were closely linked together, as well as connected with other existing networks. Representatives from business, administration as well as research and apprenticeships are bundled in a cross-institutional and Lower Austria-wide competence network. International connections of these hubs should ensure that relevant developments are recognised on time.

Step 2. The virtual house (since January 2019)

Currently, the "Virtual House" of digitalization is currently being implemented together with all our Lower Austrian partners. The virtual house has been supporting SMEs in Lower Austria with their digital transformation through numerous bespoke services. Users of the digital platform have the option to use the services, from the very
beginning with digiPEDIA through to the concrete implementation of digital projects (digiGALERIE and digiLAB).


Step 3. House of Digitalization in Tulln

The building will be constructed in Tulln. We are currently busy with the preparatory work. We have drafted various ideas, which will be offered at our site in Tulln e.g. Showroom, center for start-ups: incubator, coworking space as well as for example events and networking meetings etc. …


The Network

The complete network, which the virtual house has jointly developed. Connections between know-how providers at the various Lower Austrian hubs like Krems, Klosterneuburg, St. Pölten, Wiener Neustadt and Wieselburg as well as the target group.
Overview of the network
The Network