ecoplus. The Business Agency of Lower Austria

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As privately run agency with decades of experience, with a highly-specialized team and an expansive network, we offer tailored services to your business. With 18 business parks throughout Lower Austria, we also provide first-class business locations for companies. Our technopol program focuses on building up technology oriented business locations near existing research and educational facilities. We can also help find access to regional funding and give you a competitive advantage through innovative cooperation’s projects in clusters that we manage. We are currently working intensively on the House of Digitalization, which is the flagship project of Lower Austria's digitisation strategy.In addition, companies from Lower Austrian can count on our support for their internationalization and export ventures.

Our Mission

Together with you, we want to develop Lower Austria to be a place undisputed for its economic value, technological uniqueness, and ecological sustainability. From the region for the region.

We are here: ecoplus, The Business Agency of Lower Austria
We advise and accompany. We promote and we connect. We are partners for entrepreneurial commitment.
We are here: Regional Funding
We promote regional development and support the regional economy on behalf of the province of Lower Austria.
Regional Funding
We are here: Investor Services & Business Parks
Providing guidance from business idea to financing, from location search to turnkey solutions.
Investor Services & Business Parks
We are here: Technology & Research
We connect companies and markets, science and business, research and application, ideas and opportunities.
Technology & Research
We are here: Cluster Initiatives in Lower Austria
Our principles: on-site presence, professional management and cutting-edge expertise.
Clusters in Lower Austria
We are here: ecointernational
We establish contacts. We create networks which bring together different industries, countries and languages.
We are here: House of Digitalization
With the virtual house of digitalization we want to create awareness among the population, bundle leading projects and create a platform for the exchange of ideas and information, strengthen and expand research and finally increase the transformation speed of Lower Austrian companies.
House of Digitalization