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“New Work & Corporate Culture” – inspiration for companies

Employees are valuable and important for the long-term success of the company.

Despite the fluctuating economy and capacity utilization situation, attracting, retaining and developing employees will continue to be a key entrepreneurial success factor in the future. Due to demographic change, the situation will continue to worsen massively over the next few decades. We are already largely in an “employee market”.


A good corporate culture increases the attractiveness of the company and has an impact internally and externally...

...we are convinced of this in the Lower Austria cluster.

  • an appreciative approach
  • a competency-based deployment in the company
  • a constructive error culture & learning opportunities
  • knowing and responding to the needs of employees
  • clear targets
  • Communication...

... Employees need more than an equipped workplace - an “emotional” connection to the company often opens up unexpected possibilities.


Inspire companies with “New Work & Corporate Culture”.

We want to inspire managers in companies with the compact “New Work & Corporate Culture” program.

Every company deals with the topic of corporate culture differently - we bring them together, give each other insights into our own actions and exchange experiences. Together with other good practice examples from managers, many approaches, aspects and expertise, we encourage the participants to take action in their own company.


Target group

The planned program addresses companies and organizations from Lower Austria that want to reflect on their corporate culture and find new approaches:

  • In particular, SMEs from Lower Austria
  • These primarily include the following people: owners, managing directors, human resources managers, and possibly also people from other management levels.



  • Registration including 2-3 sentences about motivating the company with Vera Weiß
  • 1 + 1 + ½ workshop days with intensive exchange between the participating companies, with a break of around 2 weeks in between
  • 2 homework
  • 6-8 companies, 1-2 people per company from management levels


Output for the participating companies

  • Get inspiration: good practice examples, insights into other companies, their experiences and solutions
  • Identify your own problem areas , e.g. why do we have too few staff?
  • Develop solutions, individually and cooperatively
  • Design your own implementation roadmap , such as activities, responsibilities, ...
  • Receive guidance, e.g. support options from the federal and state governments


To use

  • Know-how about New Work
  • Methods for a motivating corporate culture
  • Exchange of experiences and external perspectives with/through other companies and our external experts


Some insights into the previous rounds

Pilot #1 with 7 companies and Pilot #2 with 8 companies already showed clearly what is important.


“I still have room for improvement in communication with employees. Thank God there is still room for improvement!”

“There are numbers people and technology people, both of whom don’t necessarily have to be people people.”

“There are things that are urgent and there are things that are essential. The essential ones help us move forward as a company.”

“We have replaced rules with values: rules can be broken, values cannot.”

“Where we can grow on a finite planet: in intangible things, such as meaningfulness.”

“We don’t conduct goal achievement discussions with our employees, but rather visualization discussions – because the goal could also be exceeded!”


“Super open and appreciative exchange.”

“Inspiring how other companies implement new things was very helpful.”

“Inspiration from the Good Practice entrepreneurs was great.”

“Two and a half days well spent!”

“I brought with me a suitcase full of ideas for further developing our corporate culture!”


“New Work & Corporate Culture” as good practice of the national cluster platform

With “New Work & Corporate Culture”, the cluster developed a support offer that gives managers in Lower Austria inspiration and outside perspectives to take proactive action.

The national cluster platform of the Federal Ministry of Labour and Economy brought this good practice from the Austrian cluster community to the forefront and spoke to cluster manager Michaela Smertnig about the program and what else concerns the Green Building Cluster Lower Austria:

Here you can access the article from the national cluster platform including an interview.



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Get inspiration by exchanging ideas with other companies!
Satisfied and motivated employees have an impact beyond your company!