Business Location Lower Austria
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Lower Austria - an innovative business location

As the Business Agency of Lower Austria, we play a central part for the largest province of Austria. Surrounded by high-growth markets in Central and Eastern Europe and supported by strong networking with the economic region of Vienna, our location offers unbeatable geographic advantages. These advantages and the political stability create a unique, investment friendly climate – which makes Lower Austria one of the top places to do business in Europe.

The economic data of Lower Austria speaks for itself:

  • One of the three best provinces to start a business in Austria
  • High investment in education and infrastructure
  • Targeted funding for future industries

economic data Lower Austria

Lower Austria – Facts & Figures in Brief

  • 19.177 km² area
  • 5 regions
  • 20 political districts
  • 1.62 million inhabitants
  • 573 municipalities
  • 4 statutory cities

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The province of Lower Austria deliberately emphasizes its competitiveness. One focus of this economic strategy is an active technology policy with the aim of establishing Lower Austria as an innovative high-tech lovation in Europe.

Business, education and research in perfect unison at the Technopols, the Technology and Research Centers and in the Cluster Initiatives. Targeted investments in the education sector will generate the necessary junior staff at the postgraduate universities, private universities and technical colleges.




EU enlargement, its focus on advanced technologies, and its top-rankedquality of life are three of the turbo factors which catapult the Vienna Region into its ranking as Central Europe's leading economic region and as one of the EU's foremost economic areas. Key fact: 44 percent of Austria's gross domestic product is generated in the Vienna Region.