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Lower Austria - an innovative business location

As the Business Agency of Lower Austria, we play a central part for the largest province of Austria. Surrounded by high-growth markets in Central and Eastern Europe and supported by strong networking with the economic region of Vienna, our location offers unbeatable geographic advantages. These advantages and the political stability create a unique, investment friendly climate – which makes Lower Austria one of the top places to do business in Europe. Lower Austria's economy scores with an outstanding growth rates, a pronounced export orientation, a focus on technology and innovation, and an exceptional number of startups

10 good reasons for the business location Lower Austria

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An international comparison shows the power of the Lower Austrian economy: Its economic performance of around 57 bn € makes it stronger than Croatia’s (51 bn €). For instance Lower Austria’s economy has grown by 47% since 2005.
High-growth economic power, source: Austrian Economic Chambers
Austrian Economic Chambers
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Industry accounts for about one third of our economic output. The industrial sector employs 23% of the total workforce.
Strong industry, source: Federation of Austrian Industry, Lower Austria
Federation of Austrian Industry, Lower Austria
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High-tech businesses, logistics companies, and auto suppliers are located here. Diversity is one of the strength of the location. In addition, the local economy has a very wide base: 99.8% of the businesses are SPEs and SMEs.
Diversity of businesses, source: Austrian Economic Chambers
Austrian Economic Chambers
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Research-oriented companies are well situated in Lower Austria. Austria is in seventh place worldwide in terms of ›quota of inventors‹ measured by the number of registered patents per inhabitant.
High potentials: land of researchers, source: European Patent Office
European Patent Office
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Lower Austria is clearly ahead of Sweden (5) and Norway (3) in the Hidden Champions ranking (15 per million inhabitants). Hidden champions are the market pioneers in their niche. They are magnets for investors. Because investors are looking for partners in the development or production of new goods or services.
Hidden champions are investor magnets, source: Simon Kucher & Partners
Simon Kucher & Partners
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In 2018, Austria was in first place for the worldwide »Quality of Life« ranking for the first time. Lower Austria is an important part of that success.
Most livable country in the world, source: IMD World Competitivness ranking 2018
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The need for skilled employees is a challenge all across Europe. With 14 universities (applied and private), Lower Austria has a a solid basis to educate a high-skilled future workforce. There are 16,154 apprentices that are currently in training at local businesses. In the IMD World Talent Ranking, Austria came in 4th place in 2018.
Lower Austrian Brain Power, source: IMD World Competitivness ranking 2018
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Whether in the air, on the road, by rail or on water: Lower Austria has an outstanding transportation routes infrastructure. In 2018, Austria ranked 4th worldwide in the World Bank’s »Logistics & Infrastructure« ranking.
Top infrastructure, Quelle: The World Bank
The World Bank
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Lower Austria is creating an environment, which includes the »House of Digitalization«, for companies to develop excellently in the digital economy. One third of the courses at the applied universities have a strong digitalization focus.
The home of digitalization, source: Digitalization Strategy – Lower Austria 2018
Digitalization Strategy – Lower Austria 2018
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One in five start-ups chooses Lower Austria as the location for its new business. In 2018, that was 7,887 new businesses established in Lower Austria.
Good soil for founders, source: Austrian Economic Chambers
Austrian Economic Chambers

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Lower Austria – Facts & Figures in Brief

  • 19.177 km² area
  • 5 regions
  • 20 political districts
  • 1.62 million inhabitants
  • 573 municipalities
  • 4 statutory cities