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ecoplus Business Parks

Currently, we are running 18 cutting-edge business parks throughout Lower Austria, either owned or by participation. You will find those in all parts of Lower Austria exactly in those locations, where infrastructure, market potential and industry needs are bundled to form customized sites. Perfect infrastructure and generous operational areas are made available to you on a total of 2,535 acres. Approximately 1,100 national and international companies with about 23,740 employees are currently active in the 18 business parks.

The advantages of the ecoplus Business Parks in detail

  • State-of-the-art infrastructure
    We offer optimal transport connections, fully developed properties as well as the highest standards regarding energy supply, communication and service facilities. You will benefit from rapid set up of your business and flexible expansion possibilities. We are your sole contact partner concerning all matters.
  • Property search
    Select from the entire supply of office and production facilities, properties and commercial properties in all of our business parks.
  • Special service of the ecoplus Business Parks
    We build rental objects according to your practical needs and preferences.
    The business parks we manage include 82 rental properties and technology and research centers with a total of approximately 250,000 m² (approx. 2,7 million sq.feet) rentable space. 

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Our Business Parks at a glance

Learn more about them. Here, you will find an overview of our most important fifteen business parks, our project managers will be pleased to answer any questions you may have.


IZ NÖ-Süd ecoplus Business Park

Individually tailored to your needs, we plan and build custom rental properties for you in the most economically productive region in Austria. The first-class technical infrastructure and on-site facilities make the IZ NÖ-Süd the ideal business location. Many national and international companies appreciate the location, infrastructure and dynamics of the business park.

The industrial hub in the economic center


  • 280 hectares of land
  • Plots with industrial zoning
  • 72 properties, tailored to the tenant's needs
  • 17 km road network with bus lines, connecting railway
  • Municipalities: Wiener Neudorf, Laxenburg, Biedermannsdorf, Guntramsdorf

On site

  • Post office, customs office, amenities, restaurants, child-care facility
  • Currently nearly 390 companies with about 11,300 employees
Wolkersdorf ecoplus Business Park

The markets of Central Europe at your doorstep. Custom rental properties and plots of land starting from 2,000 m² are available in the best location – approximately 91 hectares, in the midst more than 119 successful companies and right next to Vienna.

Expandable location near Vienna – ideal for growth in the CEE region, multi-occupancy property ecocenter


  • 91 hectares of land
  • Fully developed land, dedicated industrial and business area, 27 hectares still available

On site

  • Fire station
  • Wood chip plant (district heating)
  • Approx. 119 companies with around 2,668 employees
nova city_Gebaeude_370.jpg
nova city Business Park Wiener Neustadt

Customized spaces in the nova city business park Wiener Neustadt. Our technology site in Wiener Neustadt offers not only excellent infrastructure, but also first-class development opportunities in the midst of more than 150 well-known technology and research facilities.

The high-tech park


  • A total of 90 hectares
  • Fully developed land for sale with commercial and industrial zoning (from 1,500 m²)

On site

  • Childcare facility, restaurants, district heating plant
  • Arena Nova event arena, Aqua Nova indoor swimming pool
  • Currently more than 140 companies with around 3,500 employees
Gmünd Business Park

Our first cross-border business park lies on the border between Austria and the Czech Republic, which is characterized by low wages and operating costs, as well as the economic axis Berlin - Prague - Vienna.

Two countries, one business park – the advantages of two EU locations in one site


  • 80 hectares of land, 32 in Austria and 48 in the Czech Republic

On site

  • Border crossing, train connection district heating system
  • Currently around 51 companies, 28 of them in Lower Austria with 309 employees
Info folder: Gmünd Business Park
Ennsdorf ecoplus Business Park

By water, land and rail. Take advantage and secure your location in the dynamic economic area of Linz – Amstetten with freight and container terminal.

Unique traffic hub – for large trade volumes or quick response


  • 90 hectares of land
  • Fully developed land for sale, with industrial zoning

On site

  • Danube port Enns-Ennsdorf with 5 ha harbor basin with trimodal transportation
  • Freight terminal with roll-on/roll-off facility (7 km of railway tracks)
  • Currently around 29 companies with more than 1.050 employees
Info folder: Ennsdorf Business Park
Poysdorf ecoplus Business Park

50 km from Vienna – with the Czech Republic and Slovakia within reach. Our 14-hectare business park near the highway A5 Vienna – Poysdorf offers you an ideal and affordable business location for the development of new markets.

The business park in the tri-border region – ideal location for Eastern and Northeastern Europe


  • 14 hectares of land
  • Fully developed properties for sale with commercial zoning

On site

  • Currently 22 companies with around 180 employees
Info folder: Poysdorf Business Park
Heidenreichstein ecoplus Business Park

Room for expansion and ideal conditions. The transport links to the B5 in the direction of the Czech Republic and the large leisure facilities in the area make this business park the perfect location for your business.

In the heart of Europe – business park near the border in a great residential setting


  • 12 hectares of land
  • Fully open-plan land for sale, commercial and industrial zoning

On site

  • Currently 9 companies with around 270 employees
Bruck/Leitha ecoplus Business Park

In good company - next door to Vienna and Bratislava. At the Bruck Business Park, we offer your company firstclass infrastructure in a top location among 67 leading companies.

In the heart of the CEE area – trendy location with first-class transportation connections


  • 72 hectares of land
  • Fully developed land for sale, partly with industrial zoning

On site

  • Currently more than 67 companies with around 770 employees
Marchegg ecoplus Business Park

Custom, limitless and future-oriented. Located near the federal highway B49 and with direct train connection, our Marchegg Business Park offers you unlimited opportunities for development.

Growth without barriers  – the location for founders in the east


  • 45 hectares of land
  • Fully developed land for sale with commercial and industrial zoning

On site

  • Railway connection on-site with freight loading area; main connection Vienna – Bratislava
Info folder: Marchegg Business Park
Föhrenwald ecoplus Business Park

We are expanding in Wiener Neustadt! At our second business park in Wiener Neustadt, we are building tailor-made rental properties in a prime location. Plots of 2,000 m² and up are available for your company.

The second business park in Wiener Neustadt – start building immediately! Sales start now!


  • A total of 19 hectares
  • Fully developed land with commercial and industrial zoning
  • Property sizes from 2,000 m² and up
  • The Golf Club Föhrenwald is right next door

On site

  • currently four companies on site
  • Broadband/internet, district heating, sewer, electricity, telecommunications (telephone/ISDN), drinking water
Kematen Business Park (in liquid.)

The ideal up-and-coming business location. Among the countless advantages of this region are the first-class transport connections to the A1 western highway, the on-site train connections and the potential for development.

Rich in opportunities and ready for development – the emerging economic area in the heart of the Mostviertel


  • 25 hectares of land on two levels – almost completely commercialized
  • Fully developed land with industrial zoning

On site

  • Railway connection
  • Currently 6 companies with about 430 employees
Info folder: Kematen Business Park
Kottingbrunn Business Park

The perfect location! We offer custom business properties at fair prices in the middle of the dynamic region south of Vienna.

The business park in the strongest region – the best location south of Vienna


  • 44 hectares of land
  • Fully developed land for sale with building land and commercial zoning

On site

  • Currently more than 40 companies with more than 1,320 employees
Tulln Business Park

Our technology park for research and teaching. Flexible real estate sizes, tailor-made rental properties and a high-tech environment guarantee our future tenants a booming business location.

The site for agriculture and environmental technology – custom-made infrastructure for research and high-tech


  • Over 5 hectares of land
  • Plots with zoning as building land and commercial areas
  • Tailor-made business sites for agricultural & environmental technology companies

On site

  • Currently approx. 24 companies with about 290 employees
Info folder: Tulln Business Park
Schrems Business Park

Open for your special requests. In close proximity to the CEE countries, we offer you tailor-made, fully developed business sites in any desired size.

Access to the markets of the future – the best location for export to the CEE region


  • 9 hectares of land
  • Fully developed land for sale with building land and commercial zoning

On site

  • currently three companies on site
  • Broadband/internet, gas, electricity, sewage, telecommunications (telephone/ISDN), drinking
Info folder: Schrems Business Park
Wolfpassing Business Park

The Wolfpassing Business Park is the idea location to take advantage of the up-and-coming Mostviertel. Directly on the Wieselburg – Gresten freight train line: developed and flexibly expandable land, ideal for the success of your business.

The business park in the heart of the Mostviertel region – the perfect location for production and commercial enterprises


  • 29 hectares of land
  • Fully developed land for sale for industry and production

On site

  • currently 6 companies on site with more than 107 employees
  • Rail connection possible
A5 Mistelbach-Wilfersdorf Business Park

Room for expansion and ideal conditions in the Weinviertel along the highway A5 and B7. On the axis Vienna - Brno - Prague with perfect infrastructure connection.

The business park in the heart of the Weinviertel region – the perfect location for production and commercial enterprises


  • 34 hectares of land, currently 14 ha available
  • currently 14 companies on site with more than 345 employees
  • Fully developed land for sale for industry and production

The business parks are listed according to their founding year, size and importance – starting with the ecoplus business parks we own.