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Companies and Technology

Networks offer the best use of synergy, promote the growth and doing so they increase the regional value creation. We are your reliable partner for research, technology, and innovation. We initiate and provide support for networks to strengthen the Lower Austrian economy.

Our range of services

  • On the one hand, we bring business and science in our clusters together with common topics of interest and in areas of regional expertise across the country. In these endeavors we emphasize cooperation Projects.

  • More importantly, we create the framework in Lower Austria’s technology hubs, known as “Technopols”, for interdisciplinary collaboration among research institutions, educational facilities, and business enterprises. Our goal is to raise the level of expertise in each small Region.

  • Our subsidiary company ecoplus International guarantees international support and guidance to export-oriented businesses. We are the right partner, whether you are conducting a customer search or implementing an export project.

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