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Research, education and business in one place

Technopols in Lower Austria

When research institutes, educational institutions and business enterprises create a unit at a site in order to do internationally recognized, cutting-edge research and to establish business trends, this is considered to be a Technopol with pioneering standards. 

The Technopols are co-financed by...

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are platforms for know-how transfer and knowledge dissemination and promote regional and international cooperation.

Thanks to these synergistic effects, a strong potential for regional and international cooperation and robust networks are created. The goal is to position Lower Austria as a high-tech center in Europe and to extend the regional value-added chain. That concept has proven success. The multidisciplinary collaboration has put our technopol facilities among the top-ranking research and development worldwide. ecoplus implements the Lower Austrian program „Innovation Ecosystem“ consisting of Clusters, Platforms and Technopols.


Our service

We act as your main contact and help you by:

  • Launching and accompanying research and technology projects for and with businesses and research institutes.
  • Acting as a hub between all partners from business, research, and educational facilities as well as a multiplier and key player.
  • Identifying technology-oriented companies for settlement or start-up opportunities.
  • Driving the marketing efforts for the technopol facilities as well as their technologically oriented development.
  • Inviting technopol partners to professional events of technology experts and to networking events.
Our contact
DI Claus Zeppelzauer Division Head Companies & Technology, Chief Executive Officer ecoplus Digital GmbH
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Our contact
Karin Herzog, MBA Project Manager/Assistant of the Division Head Companies & Technology
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Our contact
DI (FH) Rainer Gotsbacher, MSc. Technopol Manager Wiener Neustadt
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Our contact
DI Dr. Harald Leiter Technopol Manager Krems
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Our contact
DI Klaus Nagelhofer, MSc, BA Technopol Manager Wieselburg
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