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"Electric Mobility Initiative" Study


The advance of electric mobility will radically change the value chain for everything to do with cars. Do Austrian suppliers see this as a threat or do they think it is outweighed by the opportunities?


On behalf of the Business Agency of Lower Austria, ecoplus, COMAG The Competence Agency conducted in-depth interviews with two groups of executives from selected companies from the automotive supplier and charging infrastructure sectors. In doing so, it was determined which assessments exist regarding the transformation to electromobility and which supporting measures of the Province of Lower Austria could be useful for achieving this. The team drew up guidelines for the personal interviews and prepared the interviewers individually for each appointment.


It turned out that the companies surveyed expect neither significant sales losses nor job cuts as a result of the transformation to electromobility. Most of them believed that the opportunities outweigh the risks, provided they are able to build up competence in the fields of power electronics, battery technology, automation, robotics and software, and if they can recruit a sufficient number of highly qualified employees. At the same time, the companies proposed specific measures and project drafts were developed for 16 of them. An expert workshop on the subject of hydrogen was particularly promising and resulted in numerous other activities of the electromobility initiative of the Province of Lower Austria.



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