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Enterprise.Klima Project


Is it possible to introduce the issue of climate-neutral management into a company not only on a technical level, but in all dimensions of a comprehensive transformation process? Can such a company become a pioneer of new economic forms and thus acquire a long-term competitive advantage?


The Mechatronics Cluster can draw upon experience with another topic with great potential for transformation. In the “Enterprise 4.0” and “Enterprise 4.1” projects, digitization, which increasingly includes operational aspects, was understood as an entrepreneurial responsibility and its consequences for the business model and organizational structure were discussed. It is not enough to simply have the respective specialist functions on board, the participation and networking of the management of the companies is decisive. The same applies to sustainability and climate neutrality. Following the example of the digitization projects, eleven companies (from ice cream producers to asphalt plants to medical technology providers) have joined forces to form the “Enterprise.Klima” network. Together, they want to explore how they can become fit to implement those measures that are necessary to achieve the climate goals but are not economically viable today. The “Enterprise.Klima” project was co-financed by the Department Economy of the Province of Lower Austria.


The companies participating in “Enterprise.Klima” have started to learn from each other as entire organizations in order to become economically fit for their role as climate pioneers.



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