3D Gebäudemodell
Multifunctional and optimized components bring competitive advantages and higher added value through guaranteed quality!

Constructive efficiency

Optimization and systematization of building constructions and components is a dominant competitive factor. An improved planning accuracy leads to a more efficient use of materials. Fault-tolerant and resilient systems reduce structural damage and warranty cases. The Green Building Cluster of Lower Austria cooperates with the Lower Austrian construction industry across the trades on topics, where a high potential for increasing competition may be expected.

Current activities in the cluster

Resource-efficient use of building materials
Hybrid constructions and material combinations, the use of renewable raw-materials, increasing of systematization and prefabrication particularly in the context of complex building constructions, optimized fastener technologies particularly for reuse etc.

Cooperative project Holz.Bau.Verbindungen (Wood.construction.connections)

Fault-tolerant and resilient building systems
with regard to thermal, sound and moisture protection;
Optimization of interfaces between different trades;
Development and application of simulation tools based on validated data for a resource efficient planning
Industry project Schall.Holz.bau (Sound.Structural.Engineering)
Cooperation project Fenster.Türen 2.0 (Windows & Doors 2.0)

Multifunctional components and building materials
Use of microsensors, self-regulating systems, creation of new features and functions etc.

The whole range of cluster activities on this topic you can find here (in german).

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