Green Building Cluster of Lower Austria
Lower Austrian network for construction

Green Building Cluster of Lower Austria

The Green Building Cluster of Lower Austria represents innovative, sustainable construction. Under the motto “Innovation through cooperation“, the cluster aims to promote innovation in the domestic construction industry and boost business by pooling potential and expertise into a network of stakeholders from business, research and training as well as from specialist organizations and the government of Lower Austria.

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Cooperation pays off!

In line with the "Innovation through Cooperation" principle, the Green Building Cluster of Lower Austria identifies potential innovation-boosting and cooperative avenues across all trades, connecting companies with shared interests and similar requirements. This collaboration opens up new prospects, new experiences and new know-how for businesses. Thanks to this kind of cooperation, innovation projects can be implemented in such a way as to save hugely on resources and minimise development costs. Leading companies and innovators are actively involved as "drivers" of development. The state of Lower Austria actively supports cooperation, thanks to its own funding framework.

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