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Using climate change as opportunity for innovation in the construction industry

Climate Adaptive Technologies

Climate change is pervasive, heat and dry periods as well as heavy rainfall events increase. Adaptation strategies are required. Especially the construction sector can contribute much, particularly in urban areas: unsealing of surfaces, retention of rainwater, sustainable cooling and ventilation concepts for buildings, creating evaporation surfaces and many others.

The Green Building Cluster of Lower Austria, in cooperation with Lower Austrian companies, identify interdisciplinary potential in these emerging markets. The aim is to develop innovative, cooperative and sustainable solutions in the following areas.

Current activities in the cluster

Sustainable cooling concepts for buildings
Thermo active building systems, greening of buildingd, systems for adiabatic cooling, shading and light control etc.

Improving the microclimate on buildings and their surroundings

Storage and evaporation of surface water to improve the microclimate, cushioning of heavy rainfall events, avoidance of heat islands and sustainable use of the resource water

Cooperation project DrainGarden®
Cooperation project VERGA-Vertical Gardens Austria

Innovative ventilation concepts for buildings
Natural ventilation systems (use of cross ventilation, chimney effects, ...), ventilative cooling, innovative ventilation components etc.

The whole range of cluster activities on this topic you can find here (in german).

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